IBM Validates Violin’s 37X Faster Flash Memory Array

Violin Memory is looking to translate the record-breaking performance of its 3200 Flash Memory Arrays in IBM’s General Parallel File System (GPFS) into solid sales growth. Using the arrays, IBM Research scanned 10 billion files 37 times faster than the previous record of 1 billion files in three hours that has stood since 2007. Breaking records is nothing new for Violin: In May, it set a world record dual-socket TPC-E benchmark with HP.

A high-performance, shared disk/storage file management system for multipetabytes of data, the GPFS offers fast and reliable access to a common set of files typically found in business intelligence, financial analytics, digital media, big data and seismic data processing applications. The test stand consisted of 10 IBM 3650 M2 servers, each with a 12-MByte processor cache and 32 GBytes of DRAM, and four Violin Memory 3205 solid-state storage systems with an aggregate raw capacity of 10 TBytes and aggregate bandwidth of 5 Gbps.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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