Nutanix: Time To Ban The SAN

August 17, 2011: Go big or go home seems to be the philosophy of Nutanix, whose initial product aims to ban the SAN from virtualized data centers. It says that the Complete Cluster, an all-in-one, scale-out converged solution, enables customers to save 40% to 60% on equipment alone for Nutanix-based virtualization projects.

At the heart of the cluster is a distributed system software layer, designed specifically for virtualization, that converges compute and storage into a single tier, and is optimized to make use of flash SSDs in its core architecture. The company says that this converged architecture approach, pioneered by Google, supports virtualization capabilities such as VMware’s vMotion, High Availability (HA) and Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS), along with data management features that include virtual machine cloning, capacity optimization, and converged backup for instant backup and recovery of virtual machine data without requiring external backup appliances.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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