Veni, Vidi, VDI: 2012 The Year For Desktop Virtualization?

December 30, 2011: Will 2012 be the year desktop virtualization–a.k.a. VDI, thin-client computing or anything but Wintel–finally moves from primarily a vendor push to customer pull? The vendors–and pundits–have been shouting the praises of VDI for the last several years, but the reality has not come close to the hype.

Last year Gartner reported that more than 80% of enterprises have a virtualization program or project, and predicted that the desktop would be virtualized via solutions such as virtual desktop infrastructure or hosted virtual desktops. Gartner estimated that there will be as many as 20 million virtual desktops in place by 2014. Earlier this year, CDW found that 90% of businesses are considering or implementing client virtualization projects, most of them within the next 12 to 24 months. Of those with client virtualization plans, 61% said the driver is an expected reduction in IT costs; 40% are looking for easier distribution of software; 38% aim for increased IT productivity; and 37% seek to improve IT support services.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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