HDS Ushers In ‘No-Compromise’ Midmarket Unified Storage

April 24, 2012: Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), which narrowly edged out HP as the fourth-largest external controller-based disk storage vendor in the fourth quarter of 2011, is jumping into the unified storage race with what it calls “unified storage without compromise,” the first midmarket offering to consolidate and centrally manage block, file and object data on a single platform. While HDS considers EMC and NetApp its two primary competitors in the unified space, the other two members of the gang of five that account for almost 80% of the external controller-based disk market–HP and IBM–also offer something under this label. HDS says it has three unique advantages over EMC’s VNX and NetApp’s FAS: the ability to consolidate on the same system and manage from the same framework; all of its products are supported; and balanced scalability, up to 3 petabytes.

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) stores multiple data types with more flexibility and more balanced scalability than any other midrange solution, says HDS. It consistently and efficiently provisions, tiers, migrates and protects all data, regardless of type, throughout its life cycle. The company is also announcing that its entire hardware product portfolio will be supported by Hitachi Command Suite management software.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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