Sepaton Update Tackles Large-Enterprise DB Deduplication

June 8, 2012: Just days after Hewlett-Packard laid claim to the deduplication crown in a bid to dethrone current market leader EMC, Sepaton is staking out its claim in the space. The company announced this week DeltaStor DBeXstream, a database deduplication software offering that tackles multistreamed and multiplexed data.

“The amount of data continues to grow in our customer base, anywhere from 25% to 100% per year,” says Linda Mentzer, VP of product management and marketing at Sepaton. Large enterprises, particularly Oracle shops, developed scripts to stream to multiple tape backups, she says–problems arise, however, if enterprises try to stream to disk, as data tends to get scrambled. “We’re the only vendor who can do this today–dedupe multistream and multiplexed data.”

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Author: Steve Wexler

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