F5 Big-IP v11.2 Improves Context, Scalability & Security

June 25, 2012: F5 is enhancing its security portfolio with two new services as part of its BIG-IP v11.2 release. The cloud-based IP Intelligence Service provides context-based delivery and protection, while DNS Services adds scalability and security for enhanced performance and lower costs, according to F5. Both services are available today, with the IP Intelligence offering available on a subscription basis, while DNS Services comes in F5’s BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager appliance, software add-on or virtual edition products.

The new services are intended to address the rapidly evolving threat environment, says Jonathan George, product marketing manager at F5. Today’s threat detection hinges on two elements, he explains: identifying suspicious activity among billions of data points and refining a large set of suspicious incidents down to those that matter. In response, F5 has focused on automated application delivery decisions based on better intelligence and stronger security based on context.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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