Network Security Both A Virtualization Concern & Opportunity

July 2, 2012: While virtualization is one of the leading contributors to network obsolescence, it appears security is another virtualization victim, according to a new InformationWeek report, “Next-Generation VM Security.” Virtualization hinders visibility and control, creates new avenues of attack, increases network size and complexity, and blurs managerial and administrative roles between network and server operations teams, said the report’s author, Kurt Marko. However, virtualization also offers a number of opportunities–many of them theoretical–for improving network security, he said.

The race to virtualize everything is well under way, from servers to networks, and the survey shows half of the 396 respondents are running 10 or more virtual machines on each host, up 16% in 12 months. Almost two-thirds, 63%, expect to have half or more of their production servers virtualized by the end of this year, a figure that shot up almost 20%.

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Author: Steve Wexler

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