Hitachi Data Systems: Size Matters!

What the HDS presentations [at last week’s HDS’s Influencer Summit] made me realize is that size really does matter. Not so much the size of the company as the size of the portfolio, at least today. HDS is part of Hitachi LTD, which just so happens to be a $118B tech powerhouse. How does that help? Well, for example, HDS built the train system in London used for the Olympics. What’s the relevance? The train system uses some serious bad ass technology – like the ability to do instant analysis on data inputs from a zillion sensors in real-time. They did facial recognition system for the billion people getting on/off the trains looking for bad guys. Their trains themselves are highly automated – using thousands of sensors feeding millions of inputs a second into a real BIG DATA system keeping the trains running on time, not crashing, adjusting for weight, temperature, external conditions, etc.

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