Under The Covers Of Intel’s Latest Itanium, Xeon Chips

Intel has announced the latest generation of its mission critical Itanium processors and a new Xeon coprocessor designed for high performance computing applications and environments.

While it is hard to think of an IT vendor with a more convincing leadership position than Intel, the company is perceived by many to be on the ropes or headed for disaster in some of its core business IT markets. In one case, Intel’s mission critical Itanium platform hit rough waters when Oracle and HP butted heads in an altercation that ended up in court. In another the use of conventional graphics processors (GPUs) in HPC and supercomputing applications has caused some to doubt Intel’s future in those markets. Both of these issues are reflected in new Itanium 9500 and Xeon Phi announcements though the light they each cast on Intel is significantly different.

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