IBM’s Mainframe: Still Going Strong After All These Years

IDAA is a Netezza software and hardware encapsulated appliance that attaches symbiotically to an IBM mainframe. IBM acquired Netezza in 2010 to achieve such data warehousing capabilities as are illustrated in IDAA. IBM refers to the Netezza 1000 Appliance as a work-load optimized appliance. Being able to run queries fast (including operational reporting) without impacting operational applications is critical. Netezza uses an AMPP (asymmetric massive parallel processing) architecture that is designed to run queries optimally (such as high-performance engine, database engine streaming, joins, aggregations, and sorts). This means that the IBM System z mainframe whose processing power is designed to optimize transaction processing is not impacted.

Different horses for different courses, but IBM links System z and Netezza together transparently. Obviously, there is also deep integration with DB2 (as it makes sense and that is what software engineers love to do) which also contributes strongly to the workload optimization. Altogether IDAA makes possible using z/OS operational data to support a virtual data warehouse.

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