HP Vertica, Autonomy Upgrades Focus On Return on Information

Following its latest self-inflicted multi-$B wound, HP is back with more positive Autonomy news.

Stating that Return on Information will become the single most important measure of success for organizations over the next several years, HP is expanding and enhancing its Information Optimization Solutions portfolio, including new offerings from Autonomy and Vertica. “We really believe that the I in IT is just as important as the T,” said Colin Mahony, Senior Vice President of Products & Business Development at Vertica, an HP company. “Analytics is powering just about every aspect of every part of every business.”

What’s needed, he said, is a solution to close the gap between IT and business. “When you bring it all together… you can really help move organizations forward. Vertica has long history on doing this. Our goal every day is to help our customers monetize their data.”

HP said Return on Information is the value that organizations generate from their investments in information solutions, services and resources to manage, understand and act upon the variety, velocity and volume of organizational data to drive maximum ROI. One of the keys to this ROI is a holistic approach to IT, where hardware, software and services all play a part, said Mahony.

When Vertica was acquired 18 months ago, the business was all about software. “We didn’t know a lot about hardware and broader solutions that existed.” Now as part of the HP family, with hardware, software like Autonomy, and services, they can now take a holistic approach, with an integrated stack that can provide customers with complete solutions, or enable them to pick and choose what they need and want.

HP is going through a difficult stretch right now and last month announced it was taking a $8.8 billion charge, more than $5 billion of which is linked to serious accounting improprieties, misrepresentation and disclosure failures of Autonomy’s accounting practices prior to its acquisition by HP. Charles King, Principal Analyst, Pund-IT, Inc., believes the Autonomy woes will have little impact on HP’s enterprise customers. “While things look bad – especially when you include the embarrassment of the Autonomy write down -— I don’t think it’s time to head for the lifeboats.”

Analyst Rob Enderle, Enderle Group, agreed that HP should be able to weather this far better than a typical smaller firm. “However, competitors will market against this performance and it will make it far harder to convince customers of future acquisitions to stay with the acquired company.”

Some of the competition was quicker off the mark than others, noted Larry Walsh. Three Autonomy rivals – RSD, Recommind and OpenText – announced competitive displacement programs to lure customers away from the wounded software unit. They are offering Autonomy customers the opportunity to switch to their products with the promise of greater stability and fewer distractions.

HP’s latest announcements include HP Converged Infrastructure with Apache Hadoop, Autonomy Legal Performance Suite, Autonomy Marketing Performance Suite, HP Telco Big Data and Analytics, HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1 and HP Proactive Care for SAP. All of these products are now available, said Mahony.

Looking ahead, he said his group will continue to focus on the data and analyzing it. “We’re pretty maniacal about analytics. We will continue to broaden out the number and types of data we can capture. Part of what customers want is a platform where they can park all of their data.”


Author: Steve Wexler

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