Is HP Storage Discovering Itself?

Right now though, there’s one thing missing: market share. This is the rub, the crux, the main issue for HP. The product looks good (and that’s being extremely analyst-conservative…the product actually looks great) but HP itself hasn’t looked so good of late as we all know…and, no, when I say “of late” I’m categorically NOT talking about the last few months and year or two of scandals, intrigue, poor results, and supposition. When I say “of late” I mean the last many years—decades even—when HP has not been able to strike success in the storage world. It’s not been completely a lack of product—there have been some great lower-end devices (those from Dot Hill for instance) and the superb ultra-high-end boxes jointly developed with Hitachi. But storage at HP has never quite clicked for one reason or another—maybe it’s a lack of focus, maybe the lack of decent products across the whole range at once.

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