Dell World 2012: Evolution, Full Speed Ahead

Overall, we came away from Dell World 2012 with a strong sense of optimism about the company’s strategy and direction. To those who quibble with where Michael Dell is taking the company and the speed of that transition, we would ask, ― What better course do you suggest? Many or most technology vendors seem to be aligning themselves with two general business models: 1) purveyors of increasingly mobile consumer/computing devices, and 2) makers of the IT infrastructures that support the services on which devices increasingly depend.

Though Dell continues to develop and deliver products encompassed by the former course, it is also clearly pursuing a future aligned with the latter. The company may not take home any Most Overly Self-Hyped Vendor awards for its efforts at Dell World 2012. But the conference’s focus on Dell’s dedication, forward motion and steady progress highlighted both the wisdom of this evolutionary strategy and its long term sustainability.

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