SAP HANA DB For SAP Business Suite: Will Customers Follow?

Regardless, however, the real work begins today for SAP to change the balance of power. And it will be won, or lost, one deal at a time, one sales engineer to IT engineer meeting at time, one partner or consultant negotiation at time. SAP, as it did with NetWeaver, is proving again that it can wage an effective air war with SAP HANA and in particular now Suite on HANA. But Oracle wins wars primarily on the ground. SAP’s goal of shifting the database layer to itself for applications and big data is spot on strategically. Tactically, however, it will still take a nitty-gritty focus every business day to take on Oracle in the trenches, even armed with Suite on HANA.

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  1. Last year SAP was throwing $492 million into programs to get people to buy Hana using a pricing memory based pricing model. In 2012 SAP also allocated $155 million in startup funds to subsidies Hana sales. I would like to see the breakdown of the 1,000 customers in 2012 to see how many were 99 cents /1$hour = $8,736 per year revenue amazon aws cloud customers versus a million dollar sale type customer. SAP has deep pockets and should be able to entice customers with additional dollars in 2013 on the transformative benefits of Suite on HANA and also ensuring they will not be disruptive. Having customers switch out their databases environments to an non appliance Suse Linux third party hardware and HANA environment could be a challenge.
    However, HANA is truly disruptive and will continue to cannibalize Oracle, IBM and Microsoft database sales in the near and distance future.

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