2013 Virtualization And Cloud Computing Predictions

Herewith we fearlessly predict some important events and trends for the virtualization and cloud computing industry, including:

-At VMworld 2013 VMware will announce and release its first full implementation of its Software Defined Data Center, comprised of the existing vSphere product line, the software defined networking functionality from Nicira, and the software defined storage functionality from its internal software development projects;

-vCloud will continue to be seen as more enterprise-ready for Tier 1 applications than Amazon, which will be plagued by continued outages;

-Microsoft will open-source its entire .NET stack and development tooling in order to allow a level playing field for other PaaS providers. This will remove any anti-trust concerns as it starts to aggressively target a mixture of .NET and non- .NET applications on its Azure platform;

-Citrix’s Netscaler business will exceed XenApp/XenDesktop as the primary business generator – the Cisco/Citrix partnership will prove interesting; and,

-HP will need a coup d’état of the board to get them back on track, otherwise I agree with some others that they won’t be around in 12 months. Could be a play for Ballmer & company to own the entire stack and have a more even play against Oracle.

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