Zero Dark 30’s Cleversafe Sees Strength In Numbers

Cleversafe Inc., which reportedly got some of its initial support from the CIA and hangs its Big-Data credentials on providing ‘limiteless data storage’ solutions that can reduce storage costs by up to 90%, has launched a partner ecosystem to offer best-in-class, one-stop solutions. The Cleversafe Solution Network is designed to provide customers with a comprehensive ecosystem offering the most cost-effective, scalable and highly available end-to-end storage solutions to address today’s business requirements now and well into the future, said Russ Kennedy, VP of product strategy and customer solutions.

Customers using these technologies need a fully integrated solution, but they don’t want to do it themselves, he said. “It made sense for customers to have a fully blended, fully integrated ecosystem that they could deploy in their environments.”

Kennedy said some of Cleversafe’s customers have been looking to them to drive this integration effort. “The benefits from a customer perspective are pretty obvious: they get a fully integrated set of capabilities, and they get to pick and choose from a variety of different partners or vendors. Cleversafe works very closely with those vendors.”

The initial lineup is both impressive and extensive. Partners are divided into a number of technologies and services, including: Cloud Interface (Gladinet, Mezeo, Panzura, Solid Instance, and WebDrive from South River Technologies); Content Management (DeJarnette Research Systems, Microsoft SharePoint and Panzura); Big Data Analytics (Cloudera and IBM); Systems Integrators (Lockheed Martin); Data Backup (CommVault and Symantec); File Access and Tiered Storage (Panzura and QStar Technologies); Operating Systems (Microsoft and VMware); Network Optimization (Riverbed and F5); and, Hardware OEMs and Technologies (Intel and Seagate).

The Cleversafe Solution Network has several layers or levels, said Kennedy. The first is basic interoperability. “We will guarantee that it will work together and a lot of them are in that base level.” The second level is resell opportunities where Cleversafe will sell, or sell together with a partner. And the third, or top level, would be OEM, where they’ll take a partner’s technology and sell it as fully integrated Cleversafe solution.

“Collectively, all of them are looking for partners in the industry that can deliver capabilities and solutions that they might not be able to deliver on themselves.” Kennedy said the ecosystem started taking shape in 2011-12, with Cleversafe working with a number of these partners. The major difference now is that the relationships have been formalized, and the company is looking to add new partners, primarily in vertical industries like healthcare.

Kennedy said the company is seeing heightened interest in Big Data across all of its customer base and markets it is going after. “Its growing by leaps and bounds. I still see it as a major growth vector for the technology interest for the next several years.”

In December the company reported it was leading the industry in dispersed object-storage implementations with more than 70 Petabytes of stored data. It has announced orders to bring the number of Petabytes stored using Cleversafe’s Object-based Dispersed Storage solution to nearly 170 Petabytes across customers in media and communications, healthcare, geospatial and federal government verticals.

While the hype surrounding Big Data, already huge, seems to be accelerating, the reality appears to be equally compelling. IDC projects that the Big Data technology and services market will grow at a 31.7% compound annual growth rate – 7X the rate of the overall information and communication technology market – with revenues reaching $23.8 billion in 2016.

“The Big Data technology and services market represents a fast-growing, multibillion-dollar worldwide opportunity,” said Dan Vesset, VP for IDC’s Business Analytics and Big Data research. “It is an important topic on many executive agendas and presents some of the most attractive job opportunities for people with the right technology, analytics, communication, and industry domain expertise.”



Author: Steve Wexler

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