Bugged By Big Data Spending Hype? Consider That Myth Squashed

In my role covering big data at ESG, nothing would please me more than to say I am covering the hottest area of IT. And perhaps from a hype perspective, big data is hot, but from an IT spending perspective, while decidedly warm, big data is not nearly number one. In ESG’s just published 2013 IT Spending Intentions Survey, which suggests around a 2% overall increase in IT spending (the mean came in at 1.99% for those of you who are statistically significant), the closest proxy to “big data,” specifically “improved data analytics…,” tied for fifth place, among a longish list of “Business Initiatives with the Greatest Impact on IT Spending Decisions.” Note that if one only focuses on IT priorities not tied to business initiatives per se, BI/ analytics ties for ninth place.

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