VCE Significantly Strengthens Integrated Infrastructure Lead

VCE announced its largest ever introduction of new and improved software and hardware solutions that the company said will help enterprises and service providers modernize and transform their data center environments. The new offerings include:

-VCE Vision Intelligent Operations—a powerful Vblock discovery and management soft-ware and a rather open mediation layer between Vblock Systems and existing data center management tools. It can dynamically inform those tools about Vblock as an object as well as its individual components, and help promote more agile infrastructure management.

-Vblock System 100 and System 200, which provide the same innovative integration as VCE’s System 300 and System 700 solutions in smaller form factors and for additional use cases.

-VCE Specialized Systems—a new class of Vblock-based solution optimized for key en-terprise workloads. The first of these, Vblock Specialized System SAP HANA, integrates the benefits of SAP’s HANA in-memory computing and database technologies with Vblock Sys-tems proven performance, operational simplicity and customer service experience. VCE’s Specialized SAP HANA solution will be available in 4- and 8-node configurations.

-Vblock System 300 and System 700, which have been enhanced with new generation processors, memory and other components, resulting in a 2X improvement in system per-formance. In addition, VCE is offering new I/O configurations that enable greater flexibility in configuring I/O to meet the requirements of specific applications and workloads.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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