Sourcefire Advanced Malware Protection Turns Back Time

As RSA 2013, cyber security’s annual gathering, draws to a close, the key conclusion is that we are in ‘deep s%$t’ cyber-security wise, according to a new blog from Kaspersky Lab’s Tyler Durden. ‘The reasons are very simple – the internet was designed and built without any security-concerns in mind.’

Attackers are getting organized as if they were banks or special task forces; they are businesses based around data and money stealing with structures, business planning, HRs, CEOs, CTOs, margins, and ROIs. ‘Cybercrime has become an industry, similar to drug cartels or shadow weapons shipments, and in order to fight it we need to be strong and organized.’

A new Teradata-sponsored Ponemon survey of more than 700 IT and IT security practitioners across the United States found that while cyber attacks are worsening, only one in five organizations believe they are effective at stopping them. Less than half of organizations are vigilant in preventing (42%) anomalous and potentially malicious traffic from entering networks or detecting such traffic (49%) in their networks.

Like Kaspersky and Teradata, Sourcefire is one of the many companies trying to stem the ‘deep s%$t’ cyber-security tide. It has announced a dedicated Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) appliance, which allows users to defend against sophisticated network malware — from the point of entry, through propagation, to post-infection remediation. Built on the FirePOWER platform, the appliance – which comes with 100 seats of FireAMP, the company’s advanced malware protection solution for endpoints, mobile devices and virtual networks – provides increased deployment flexibility for organizations needing immediate protection against advanced malware, stated Sourcefire.

CP Morey, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Sourcefire, called the new threat environment the “Industrialization of Hacking: attackers and defenders drive each other to innovate… resulting in distinct threat cycles.” There are people selling malware code that will provide guarantees and even a 24×7 support line. “If you purchase their code, you can dial their support line.”

Morey calls the new appliance and FireAMP tandem a “Better Together” solution to show the power of remediation. We’re the only ones in the market with retrospective security, he said, with the ability to catch malware the system didn’t recognize the first time around, but recognizes as malicious after more data becomes available. “It’s always watching, never forgets, and turns back time.”

According to the latest numbers from IDC (3Q 2012), security appliance sales grew 5.7% year-over-year to just over $2 billion, on a 1% increase in units to 499,022. The top five vendors – Cisco, Check Point, Juniper, Fortinet and McAfee – accounted for almost half (48.5%) the market, but the research company attributed the increase in the share of Others primarily due to strong quarters from Sourcefire and Palo Alto Networks.


Author: Steve Wexler

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