EMC Offers Free 60-Day Trial Of Redesigned DPA 6

After more than two years of development, much of it driven by customer input, EMC is releasing a totally redesigned Data Protection Advisor (V6) that focuses on three areas – user interface, analysis and architecture. “It’s a direct result of customer feedback… very vocal in what they like and in some cases, what they didn’t like” said Rick Walsworth, Director, Product Marketing, Advanced Storage Division.

Designed to unify and automate monitoring, analysis and reporting across backup and recovery environments, DPA has a huge installed base, he said, and one of the benefits of this big installed base is the number of use cases. “It covers the spectrum from little guys to large service providers putting this in as a key element of measurement, instrumentation and analysis.”

The new user interface was all about how to simplify and make it easier for customers to get access to the data, said Walsworth. “We really focused on presenting information and minmal steps to get to that information.”

One of the challenges is that EMC has a lot of different products, and different UIs. “So we put a lot of time and effort… to narrow the steps that it took to get to useful data.”

The second focus, analysis, came down primarily to timeliness, said Walsworth.The previous analysis engine was good, but it wasn’t as real-time as EMC wanted. The idea was to present information quickly and do it on a scaled fashion. Among other capabilities, the new analysis engine improves predictability, provides real-time protection assurance as environments change and automatically tracks virtual data movement.

However, this led to the third change, architecture, because trying to do this on the existing architecture wouldn’t help all of its customers, he said. Another major change to DPA6 is that it is now customer-installable, and can be up and running in just minutes. “The whole idea is out of box… from initial discovery to protection, can happen in a matter of minutes.”

DPA 6 may be totally new, but that won’t present any problems for current customers, said Walsworth. “We went through a lot of pain and suffering to make sure the customers didn’t migrate from say Data Protection Advisor 5.7 to y Data Protection Advisor 6. We don’t want customers to have to rebuild reports from scratch… all those reports and capabilities migrate over very easily.”

EMC’s DPA installed base is important, but Walsworth said the new release also broadens the total addressible market to leveraging the software as an assessment. Prospects can try DPA for up to 60 days – and not just for EMC environments – without impact to their existing infrastructures, and either buy it, or pull it back. “ Data Protection Advisor is heterogeneous, so it can go into environment that has effectively any backup tool out there,” he said.

It was a very deliberate part of the strategy to not only increase attach rateto our own backup products, but to use DPA in environments that don’t have them, for free, said Walsworth. “It goes beyond backup to disaster recovery and business continuity,. Data Protection Advisor provides sa ingle pane of glass.”



Author: Steve Wexler

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