Pulse 2013 Part2of4: IBM Drives Cloud Standards

IBM’s annual PULSE event is a user conference that focuses on end user collaboration and knowledge sharing in the areas of information system infrastructure design, optimization, and deployment. This year’s PULSE attracted over 8,000 attendees who were looking for information on cloud development, security, mobile computing, application performance management, network management, as well as for information on a variety of asset management product offerings offered by IBM, including its Tivoli solution portfolio.

For those attendees focused on cloud management, IBM made a major announcement: IBM is backing the standardization of cloud infrastructure and services. IBM believes that too many vendors are building proprietary cloud offerings ─ and these make it difficult to foster interoperability across multi-vendor cloud environments. IBM, on the other hand, is advocating that all cloud vendors standardize on a common cloud infrastructure architecture, thus reducing cloud deployment/integration complexity for users while fostering intra-vendor cloud interoperability.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.



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