Encryption Continues To Penetrate The Enterprise

Confidentiality is one of what I believe are the core key objectives of data protection. Encryption is the most commonly accepted technology for ensuring the confidentiality and security of data. Yet, even though enterprises recognize the need and importance of encryption, the rate of adoption has been uneven to say the least. Concerns about proper key management, potential performance impacts, and cost are grains of sand in the gears of progress.

Yet progress is being made in different pieces of the IT information infrastructure puzzle. Disk to disk backup is becoming a more important and expanding piece of that puzzle. As part of the recent introduction of Sepaton’s S2100-ES3 Series 2925, the latest member of its data protection appliance family, the company announced encryption of data at rest as an option. This will serve as a concrete illustration of the general approach that needs to be taken not only within the disk to disk backup piece of the information infrastructure puzzle, but should have applicability to other pieces as well.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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