IT Pros Love Technology But Constant Training Critical

A new survey from TrainSignal, a provider of SaaS subscription-based training, reports that almost half of IT professionals, 47.7%, cite their passion for technology and love of IT as the number one reason for staying in their career, while three quarters, 73.7%, cite their passion and love of complex problem solving as the number one reason for staying in their career. However, most of them, 94.7%, feel that ongoing IT training is needed for career advancement, and over half, 67%, say that IT training has enabled them to get a promotion or pay raise, said CEO and Founder Scott Skinger.

The survey of 2,375 U.S. IT professionals, conducted earlier this year, reported that training is essential for a successful career in IT, he said. “IT is different from almost any other field out there. Instead of being a once-a-year, you need to be upscaling on an almost constant basis.”

Some of the other findings from the study include:

-the ability to refer back to training materials is extremely important: 37% weekly; 32.1% monthly; 69.1% at least monthly; 57.2% who started their IT career in the last two years refer back to training materials weekly; and,

-the majority prefer to receive their training through online/DVD video training to classroom or book training; 67.9% prefer online/video training over classroom and textbook training methods; 29.1% prefer classroom training; and 3% prefer using a book.

The ability to refer back to training materials is really important, said Skinger. Not just from point of getting a new job, he said, but as an Internet resource they can go back to, i.e. to troubleshoot a problem.

Of particular importance to TrainSignal is the preference for online over DVD or classroom training. “This is a trend we’re trying to bank on.”

Earlier this month the company launched a subscription-based, unlimited-access online training platform that for $49 per month, delivers comprehensive IT training at all levels. The platform builds upon the company’s philosophy of scenario-based learning with several core features, with access to over one hundred of training courses, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Citrix and CompTIA. There is course tracking and an offline video player so users can keep learning with or without an Internet connection, and access is also available to practice exams for some of the most popular IT certification exams.

Skinger said the new platform is an extension of the corporate SaaS offering they rolled out two years ago after acquiring the technology from another company. “We found corporate users really grasped on to that. We had more leads coming in than we could handle.”

The usual suspects, including Windows Server 2012, virtualization, VMware and (Microsoft’s) HyperV, SQL, and cloud, I.e. SystemCenter, have been in high demand, he said. In addition to 200 courses and over 2,000 hours of training, TrainSignal also offer about 75 different certification offerings, although that’s not their focus, said Skinger.


Author: Steve Wexler

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