NVIDIA: Thin Clients Get Supercharged Into A Real Solution

“Thin client” was a term coined by Tom Negris, an Oracle VP, and was popularized by Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy with the idea of replacing the PC with a connected service, or what they called the “network computer.” Their efforts failed for two reasons. First, the needed high bandwidth network such devices required didn”t exist yet. Equally important, neither Ellison nor McNealy had any concept of what a PC was, so they couldn”t create a vi-able replacement.

Since then, the thin client market has moved to vendors like HP and Dell, which acquired independent market leaders (Neowise by HP and Wyse by Dell). Clearly, both companies know the PC market and where thin clients fit in, but limitations in the network still severe-ly limited their success. However, with cloud gaming companies like OnLive and Ubitus (selling through Verizon in the US) coming to market, the network now appears close to ready.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.


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  1. Rob. The TC is now replacing the desktop. Desktop sales down 14 % tc sales up 9.2%. We collaborate (Devon IT) with Acer Lenovo with their new products more coming a Dongle thin client for $89!

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