Public Cloud Reality: Support Responsibility

The Public Cloud Reality around support responsibility is not something often considered, instead we are looking at SLAs, legal documents, compliance documents, and many other items. Do we consider who is ultimately responsible when something goes wrong within the cloud? Is your Cloud provider a full partner or do they limit themselves to a small subset of the implementation? Do they have 24/7 support will be covered by the SLA, but what type of support? How qualified are the clouds support teams to help you with your application’s problems? Who is responsible?

In a nutshell our experience shows that for IaaS, “You are Responsible” for everything installed within the virtual machine from operating system to application. The Cloud Service Provider is responsible from the virtual hardware on down. For SaaS our experience shows that the Cloud Service Provider is responsible foreverything except your own data. PaaS is still a bit up in the air, but it looks to be everything above the platform such as your data and application. But what does this mean?

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