Thoughts From SNW And NAB

There are times when I feel as if my blog should appear on some travel website, rather than a high-tech one; it’s when we are in one of the show/analyst event seasons, as about now. A bit like Anthony Bourdain (well, without the exotic locations, camera crew, books, endorsements, and smoking?.but you get the point), I travel to new cities, sample the local [flash, software, SAN, cloud etc.] fare and depart reinvigorated. Hey, even the title of his show – ‘No Reservations’ – could be viewed as a storage commentary! If ever they want a replacement for Mr Bourdain, I’d love it!

Anyhow, it’s been so busy of late that I’m going to combine some brief commentary on two recent storage events, as it allows me to catch up a.little, and also to compare and contrast.

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