Dell Buys Enstratius, Almost Private (?), And Updates Boomi

A day after snapping up cloud management vendor Enstratius, and in the midst of joining BMC in the private-hood, Dell is announcing the Summer ’13 release of Boomi Atmosphere. Actually, Tuesday is the official release date, but the company has been rolling out the new features and functions of ‘The #1 Integration Cloud’ since January, said incoming Boomi GM Chris McNabb.

Overall, Dell said the new release is significantly faster and easier to use, and will accelerate the adoption of cloud-enabled business models for organizations of all sizes. That’s a huge opportunity for the company, referencing Gartner’s predictions that cloud will pass the $200 billion mark by 2016, and investments in integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) will grow by 35%, in contrast to traditional middleware which is only expected to grow 7% by then.

While keeping existing customers happy is generally one of the major focuses of any product refresh, this release dramatically enhances the attraction of Dell Boomi, said McNabb. Managing endpoints is important, and people are trying to weld on integration products from other vendors, he said, but Boomi is built from the ground up to handle that. “One of the classes of integration we focus on is real-time, end-to-end integration and additional API management.”

It has become critically important for CIOs to not only create and publish those endpoints, but also you have to scale and be able to secure them, he said. “Throttle them is the term we use. We have done a lot of work to scale, control traffic flow and improve security.”

In March broadened its Boomi reach with its Master Data Management (MDM) offering, targeted at Dell’s sweet spot, mid-sized companies. And in February Boomi reported it has exceeded one million cloud integrations per day, and the number of integration processes executed since last year have shot up more than 263%. Founded in 2000, Boomi was acquired by Dell in 2010.

Looking into his crystal ball, McNabb said integrations are becoming more and more real time and less legacy ETL (extract, transform, load), with ETL growing at a 5% clip while real time is racing along at a 30% clip. The other driver is data growth, which is expected to grow 44X by 2016.

“It’s all the social data and all the machine-to-machine data. You now have to deal with the semi-structured and unstructured state. It’s a different class of problem from the structured data of today.”

Another big area for Boomi is the growth of hybrid IT environments and the challenges they pose to CIOs. “We believe IT environments are becoming more and more complicated, more and more hybrid, with the notion of becoming more of a cloud broker.”

“We have to be able to provide solutions that enable people to do more than survive, to excel.”

As for Enstratius, Dell said it brings cloud-infrastructure management for public, private and hybrid-cloud deployments, and also complements other technologies such as its Foglight performance monitoring, Quest ONE identity and access management, the Boomi integration platform, and data protection offerings such as AppAssure and NetVault. “As enterprises increase their use of public, private and hybrid clouds, the need for controls, security, governance and automation becomes more critical,” said Tom Kendra, VP and GM, Systems Management, Dell Software. “Dell, together with Enstratius, is uniquely positioned to deliver differentiated, complete cloud-management solutions to enterprise customers, large and small, empowering them with the efficiency and flexibility in the allocation and use of resources.”

New capabilities of Boomi Atmosphere ’13 include:

-real-time application integration to improve scalability, security and performance for meeting real-time business requirements;

-automated integration packs for ISVs and SaaS vendors to remove integration as an obstacle during the sales cycle; and,

-extended vertical service process libraries across system integrators for GSIs to enhance time-to-value with custom services.


Author: Steve Wexler

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