EMC Documentum Wants To Put The Bite On Life Sciences

As the third tech titan to roll into Las Vegas over the last couple of weeks, following CA Technologies and IBM, EMC is also making a number of announcements, from the ViPR software-defined storage platform to enhancements to Isilon and Syncplicity. Although best-known for storage – and virtualization (VMware), security (RSA), compute (VCE with BFF Cisco) and networking (Nicira acquisition: Cisco who?) – the company also dabbles in information management, and it has made some announcements for its enterprise content management platform, Documentum. Additions and enhancements include solutions for energy, life sciences and healthcare, and general availability of Documentum Asset Operations, Documentum Electronic Trial Master File, Documentum Quality and Manufacturing, and Healthcare Integration Portfolio, as well as a migration appliance.

EMC had been predominant in the lifecycles space in the past, but had stepped away for a bit, said Danny Pidutti, Sr. Director Product and Solutions Marketing, EMC IIG. “We’re now making a big splash.”

Life sciences is so highly regulated that the sheer control of the document is of paramount importance, said Pidutti. Companies make money on patents, so reducing the time it takes submit information to regulators can save big bucks, and these submissions happen on a regular basis. “It can be more than $1 million a day.”

As for energy and engineering, building things like an oil rig, AKA EMC’s Capital Projects Solution, is a huge and complex process, he said. “Similarly to life sciences, we provide an environment where all of the large documents… can be quickly disseminated to others… providing value to both the owners of the facility and the creators.”

The sheer size of health records is becoming astronomical, said Pidutti. “We’re delivering a solution that allows organizations to create the whole idea of a virtual patient package.”

He said EMC is also allowing its customers to embrace as much cloud as they need. We made the suite cloud ready, so they can take as much cloud as they need. “They can go from on-prem to off-prem and back again.”

Documentum additions and enhancements include:

-Documentum Asset Operations, part of the EMC Engineering, Plant, and Facilities Management (EPFM) solution suite, enables organizations to control asset-related documentation, automate workflows critical to plant operations and maintenance activities, and ensure efficiency and compliance with health, safety, environment and other regulatory standards;

-Documentum Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), part of the Documentum for Life Sciences solution suite, enables life sciences organizations to easily and effectively control and synchronize study artifacts, track progress in clinical trial documentation, and ensure fast, secure access to documentation both during and after the trial;

-Documentum Quality & Manufacturing enables life sciences organizations to control quality and manufacturing documents, automate workflows across the extended enterprise, and ensure compliance with GMP standards;

-Healthcare Integration Portfolio (HIP) is a suite of products that simplifies the management and sharing of all forms of patient-related content, enabling more timely, efficient, and effective, patient care;

-Documentum D2 4.1 interface delivers enhanced usability for increased productivity, faster deployment, and ability to connect with EMC Syncplicity;

-Captiva 7.0 provides essential, easy-to-deploy cloud ready capture technology for customers to build scanning applications embedded within any web-based solution;

-OnDemand managed service enables customers to simplify the management of enterprise applications, reducing total cost of ownership by 30 – 60%; and,

-EMC Migration Appliance (EMA) to move enterprise information securely from on-premise to off-premise with minimal downtime, able to migrate more than 1 million content objects in one hour, reducing migration cost by 50% and migration time by 90%.


Author: Steve Wexler

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