EMC World 4of4: A 20:20 View of EMC World 2013

Neuralytix believes that EMC is heading in the right direction, and has the right people, processes and technologies to extend its leadership into markets outside of traditional storage systems. The company faces tough competition from more established business intelligence and data analytics players and from numerous start-ups; but Neuralytix believes that overall, the vision EMC expressed during EMC World 2013 is one that will allow it to continue being very successful into the next decade.

Over the last several years, EMC has evolved from its traditional roots as the storage company to a vendor that has essentially transformed the whole server community by commoditizing it (through VMware). EMC is now in a position to offer a complete information stack, from infrastructure to middleware and application development, while differentiating itself from competitors like Oracle by offering choice throughout the stack.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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