Act-On Advances The Art (Science) Of Automating Marketing

Sometimes lost in the hoopla about the latest IT trends like Big Data, mobility, BYOD and 24/7 anywhere, anytime, anybody connectivity is that these things all cost money, and if there isn’t a business benefit for doing them, they won’t get done. Marketing – selling – more products and services to more customers and prospects is a pretty good business benefit, and Act-On Software, a provider of cloud-based marketing automation software, is making a couple of announcements intended to facilitate selling for what it calls the Fortune 5,000,000.

The Beaverton, Oregon-based company has announced Act-On Inbound to enable users to optimize their content, blog, and website for search engines, manage keywords for both SEO and AdWords, and accurately measure the effectiveness of these campaigns from start to finish. It also announced a mobile app for Android and iPhone users, and increased offerings of mobile-optimized templates, forms, and preview options within the interface.

“We want to be the lifeblood for small marketing teams,” said CMO Atri Chatterjee. One of the youngest companies in the marketing automation space, Act-On offers marketing automation for the Fortune 5,000,000, SMBs and marketing teams in enterprises, he said.

Last month the company reported first quarter revenues shot up 247% and headcount doubled year-over-year. For 2012 it reported a 298% increase in revenues and 234% increase in the number of customers over 2011, including adding 354 customers in Q4 2012. It currently has around 1,500 customers.

“It’s really about providing people the ability to do multi-channel marketing from a single dashboard,” said Chatterjee, with a SaaS offering designed for the marketer, and without the need for IT to get involved. “The value here is the handoff between marketing and sales. In the past there hasn’t been enough accountability.”

While most organizations tend to do some form of customer lifecycle marketing, their efforts are usually piecemeal and disjointed. With Act-On, there are no long-term commitments, he said. Some customers sign up for year-long contracts, but for the majority, it’s on a month-by-month basis, with pricing starting at $500 per month, and an additional $249 for the Inbound module.

The company has been growing strongly, but Chatterjee said it is really just starting, including a growing partner network. “We can’t touch the Fortune 5,000,000 directly, so we will have to leverage partners.”

Act-On Inbound includes:

-SEO enhancement for lead generation;

-management of keywords;

-native support for Google AdWords; and,

-measurement of inbound marketing results.

Act-On mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play, enables marketers to watch the real-time performance of campaigns, event registrations, website visitor tracking and sales pipeline creation.


Author: Steve Wexler

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