Feds Take A Leadership Role Toward Self-Defending Networks

Around 2005, Cisco coined the term, “self-defending networks” and used it to market products like Cisco PIX and Catalyst IDS blades. By 2007, the marketing brain trust at Cisco had moved on in another direction, adopting another grand theme for network security.

While “self-defending networks” marketing campaigns may be a thing of the past, the concept continues to be extremely intriguing. Imagine a tightly integrated network with a direct connection to the latest threat intelligence in the cloud. The network would immediately know about new types of exploits, propagation techniques, compromised IP addresses, Command & Control server locations, etc. It could then use this intelligence to detect suspicious/malicious activities or tighten controls to prevent future attacks. The network could even extend its intelligence purview to all connected nodes in order to spot vulnerabilities or rogue systems, and then automatically take remediation actions to lower risk.

Yeah, I know we’ve all heard this shtick in one marketing presentation or another. Great theory but no one vendor is close to this vision.

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