Internet Of Things: Expectation Of Privacy

For years we have had an expectation of privacy while using our computers, tablets, phones, email, etc. However, with the advent of big data analysis and everything being on the internet, the internet of things, there is no longer the veil that makes up an Expectation of Privacy.

Big Data has allowed us to be tracked in new ways and as we add more devices onto the internet, more of our habits will be tracked: Such as location of boats, planes, your mobile device. Purchasing habits, your location within a store, or theme park. Perhaps even your usage of your toaster, house doors, your refrigerator, etc.

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  1. The premise of the article confuses secrecy and privacy. It is not necessary for there to be a “veil that makes up an Expectation of Privacy”. Privacy comes from constraining what is done with personal information, not from banning all access to it. Few want to live like hermits. Most of us actually want to be known by others, so long as they respect what they know about us. That’s privacy!
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