Intel’s Haswell May Make Tablets Obsolete

Tablets, at least in the 10-plus-inch class, tend to be either specialized or fill a niche that Intel’s new Haswell chip may make obsolete. Granted, with the expansion of cell phones toward the 6” form class (like the Galaxy Note), 7” tablets may be made obsolete by Samsung shortly, but let’s focus here on why large tablets may go back to being most appropriate for vertical industries that depend on the tablet form and for some artists and graphics applications, like they were before the iPad launched.

Haswell is really the first processor that Intel has released, which allows them to use the full strength of their legacy support to battle the influx of tablets into their traditional PC markets. The innovations Intel promises may not only eliminate large tablets as a high volume device class (by replacing them with equivalent powered notebooks). Haswell could also create a new class of Intel-based tablets that would be favored by the industries that have traditionally loved tablets. If, as I expect, it is wrapped with powerful marketing initiatives and inserted in compelling products, Haswell is the weapon Intel needed to truly enter and potentially win the tablet wars.

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