HP’s New All-Flash 3PAR Is ‘All-Integrated’

The most significant [HP Discover announcement today] is the (admittedly expected but nonetheless impressive) addition of an all-flash array to the 3PAR line-up. This product is built on the same architectural platform as all the 3PAR products, which means that – even before the addition of a few flash-specific abilities – it was born with all the data services and management facilities that foundation brings. Yes, naturally, it has more than enough speed and bandwidth for a broad range of workloads, but its greater significance is that it is another step on the path to convergence. Indeed, with this addition to its 3PAR line-up, HP is the only vendor that offers a genuine single product storage family that’s capable of spanning – and essentially integrating – midrange platforms, all-flash devices, and all the way on up to enterprise storage that can scale to multi-petabytes. This situation – with everything integrated under the one management ‘umbrella’ is a long way removed from the company’s mix-and-match offerings of just a few years back.

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