Part 1 of 3: IBM Edge: Going Big On Cloud And Big Data

On the plus side, Edge2013 wasn’t simply a copiously rich IBM IT extravaganza. Every step of the way, the company was accompanied by partners and customers who delivered heart-felt, often eloquent testimonials on the measurable value IBM solutions and services dependably provide their organizations. As theater, it might have been a bit dry, but for an IT partner and customer conference, it made for great theater.

However, in the still-evolving worlds of cloud and big data, storage plays not just a major part but a critical role. Pick the right storage technology, and a given solution will support features and performance that will pretty much knock a customer’s socks off. But pick the wrong one and the solution will suck wind right out of the starting gate, like a racing greyhound with a three-pack-a-day smoking habit.

So while IBM’s Edge2013 introduced some terrific new/enhanced products and hit near-perfect notes in regards to customer and partner testimonials, we wished it more clearly portrayed the central position data storage occupies both in traditional data centers and in emerging cloud and big data scenarios. IBM can certainly be eloquent in that regard, but at Edge2013, we wish the words had been clearer.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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