Part 2 of 3: Gaming The System: How IBM Beat HP In Vegas

Earlier this month, IBM and HP hosted warring customer/partner events. The IBM Edge event went first, while HP’s Discover event went second.

What was also interesting at these two events is that I had the sense that IBM is fighting as a single-focused company, while HP still seems to be largely organized as a bunch of loosely connected firms. Part of this is because IBM has less breadth than HP, but part is also because IBM’s turnaround days are behind it and with them, the massive internal power struggles that go on in a turnaround, because no executive is truly safe. This makes HP more internally focused than IBM and at a significant disadvantage during conflicts, especially when it comes to public venues like Edge and Discover.

Sometimes (well, often really) how a team trains, focuses and plays win battles and wars. Go figure?

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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