Microsoft And Oracle Launch A New Partnership

So will this new partnership deliver the goods for Microsoft and Oracle? In limited ways, certainly. It’s absolutely true that having the market’s leading DB vendor on board gives Microsoft’s Azure far more enterprise cred than it had before. It also puts Microsoft on par with Amazon, which inked a similar agreement with Oracle in September 2010.

Having Oracle’s formal support in place for Hyper-V may also help Microsoft position its solutions against VMware (which has had a similar arrangement with Oracle since 2009).

On Oracle’s side, the deal will help ensure that the company’s solutions capture benefits related to Azure’s growth and maturation, and could also expose Oracle to new customer opportunities.

So as Tactically Accretive partnerships go, Microsoft and Oracle should do pretty well. If that’s the case, perhaps the hatchet will remain benignly buried and the companies will find entirely new ways to work together. In a market where cloud is sparking rapid evolutions of every sort, maintaining a sunny outlook and playing nice may be the surest way to success, and perhaps even survival.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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