Aveksa An Overdue Acquisition, And One That RSA Needed

EMC has acquired Aveksa on behalf of RSA. The deal closed on July 1st 2013. Aveksa will become a component part of the RSA Identity Trust Management (ITM) business, providing many of the pieces that were missing from the RSA identity and access management (IAM) portfolio.

Ovum’s principal security analyst, Andy Kellett, has the following comment:

“This was an overdue acquisition, and one that RSA needed to complete in order to compete at the highest levels in an identity management market that is going to change dramatically over the next two years.

“The disruptive influences of mobility and cloud will change device and infrastructure requirements. The requirement for risk-based authentication delivers the requirement for business intelligence and information led access controls. The more sophisticated threat landscape and the need to improve fraud detection rates all add to the need for change. Doing nothing was not a viable option for RSA. But just as importantly, it was vital to choose a mature IAM partner that will enable RSA to compete with the new generation of cloud-focused identity management providers, rather than simply adding it to the list of mainstream IAM platform vendors.

“Forget about what the competition will say about diluting of the RSA message, reducing its focus on specific areas of strength, and how the company is likely to take its eye off the ball as it struggles to integrate Aveksa technology into its overall offering. This is a good deal for RSA. The timing is right as disruptive influences such as mobility and cloud take hold of the market. The partner is right because of its business focused approach to IAM and its identity as a service (IDaaS) capabilities. Finally, the requirement for RSA to extend out and offer a more complete IAM solution is right and in our opinion long overdue.”

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