Backup To The Future: EMC Backup Blitz Product Details

Besides throwing out some new terminology, including Protection Storage Architectures (PSAs, not to be confused with Public Service Announcements) and Accidental Architectures (AAs, not Alcoholics Anonymous), EMC announced four new midrange Data Domain backup appliances to replace its existing lineup, a new release of Avamar (V7), a NetWorker upgrade (V8.1), and new features for the Mozy cloud backup service. All of these products are due to ship in July.

According to EMC, PSAs feature:

-Protection Storage, cost- and capacity-optimized storage with high data durability that can deliver disaster recovery, backup and archive;

-Data Source Integration that leverages data flows and user interfaces of data sources, including hypervisor, application and storage; and,

-Data Management Services, a catalog of all data copies plus reporting and analytics for compliance.

The four new Data Domain appliances — DD2500, 4200, 4500 and 7200 — are up to 4x faster and 10x more scalable than the existing Data Domain systems they replace. In addition to providing up to a 38% lower cost-per gigabyte, they support up to 540 data streams, a 3x increase that EMC said further enables complete consolidation of backup and/or archive data.

The appliances also now support direct backup from SAP HANA Studio via NFS, while DD Boost for Oracle RMAN now supports Oracle Exadata and SAP running on Oracle, giving more backup control to SAP and Oracle database administrators (DBAs). DD also extended its storage archiving application support to archiving applications from OpenText, IBM and Dell.

Avamar 7 now supports all major data center workloads being directed to Data Domain systems, with the addition of file system and NAS/NDMP backups. A new VMware vSphere web client allows VMware administrators to manage Avamar backup and recovery directly from a familiar interface.

NetWorker 8.1 introduces new integrated snapshot management, featuring a new wizard-based user interface, auto-discovery, and intelligent assignment of snapshot storage, and Data Domain Boost support over Fibre Channel. EMC said this enables 50% faster backups and 2.5x faster restores compared to VTL-based configurations. In addition, EMC is leveraging Avamar technology services to deliver a complete refresh of NetWorker’s VMware support.

On the cloud backup front, Mozy, which is evolving from its previous consumer focus and is now used by more than 800 enterprise customers, gets a new Active Directory capability that reportedly reduces the administrative burden of separately creating user accounts and enhances self-service, for a lower TCO. Storage management has been simplified to reduce time spent monitoring storage quotas at the individual machine level, and a keyless activation accelerates the process for provisioning new users, for better scalability.



Author: Steve Wexler

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