Trust, Hitachi Help Power HDS Storage Infrastructure Intros

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) says there’s much more to the launch of three infrastructure solutions — Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM) all flash system, Hitachi Unified Storage and Hitachi NAS Platform, and Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) – including a new focus on “the power of Hitachi” and the Japanese giant’s traditional emphasis on trust. “This is the beginning of starting to pull together the power that HDS has, especially with the power of Hitachi behind it,” said Bob Madaio, Senior Director, Platform Product Marketing, HDS

“We’re starting to show the full power of Hitachi. There is a trusted nature that I think Hitachi brings.”

In his blog last fall, Hitachi Data Systems: Size Matters!, Enterprise Strategy Group’s Steve Duplessie noted that HDS is part of Hitachi LTD, an $118 billion powerhouse that at its core develops technology which is then applied to use cases, ranging from escalators to content stores, and everything in between.

HDS made him change the way he thinks about holistic technology implementations and the advantages a big company can have. “IBM certainly has it too – but after that the list really gets short. Maybe Fujitsu or NEC. You seeing a pattern here? The big Japanese tech companies are built from a foundation of technology, which is then applied to market use cases. Most US tech companies do the exact opposite — they build products based on market use cases and develop technology to improve those outcomes. Subtle but different.”

In the age of the “stack” in IT, most are building a consolidated use case model, but few can bring to bear technologies that are very far reaching. “Those that can have an inherent leg up on those who can’t. Those who can’t may be better marketers and thus more effective in certain use cases, but for overall economic value that spans outside of that specific use case, it seems a more global technology base has a higher likelihood of longer term success.”

In a blog following the latest HDS announcements, ESG Senior Analyst Mark Bowker said “Hitachi has the technology, is providing innovation in its management layer, and is ready to demonstrate the value of UCP (Unified Compute Platform) in some of the biggest ongoing IT initiatives.”

Potentially the area of greatest differentiation for ICP (Integrated Computing Platforms) vendors, orchestration and management automation are quickly becoming the focal points of ICPs, he stated. Vendors are creating new IP, i.e. Hitachi’s UCP Director 3.0, that captures intelligence across the compute, storage, and network layers and aggregates it for integration into existing and familiar management and orchestration tools. “This focus from Hitachi will enable customers to take advantage of a simplified IT infrastructure and streamlined management.”

According to IDC’s storage numbers for the first quarter, HDS (8.9%, or $526 million) just edged out HP (8.5%) for fourth place in external disk shipments, behind EMC (30.4%), NetApp (14.9%) and IBM (10.9%). However for total disk storage systems factory revenue, HDS was on the outside looking in at the top five vendors – EMC, HP, Dell, IBM and NetApp – that collectively accounted for 76.1% of the total market.

Feeds & Speeds:

-HUS VM Flash-Optimized System Software and Hitachi Accelerated Flash Storage deliver up to 1,000,000 IOPS; double the storage efficiency of commodity solid state drives while reducing the cost per I/O by more than 60%; and extend the life and improve the performance of current storage assets by using external storage virtualization and Hitachi Dynamic Tiering;

-Hitachi Unified Storage and Hitachi NAS Platform offer the highest performance in the industry with double the speed, slash hardware requirements and reduce capacity needs by up to 90%, with no performance degradation; apply new file modules to combine file and block storage into one solution that supports big data workloads and consolidates multiple NAS filers; and yields 30% lower total cost of ownership in the first year; and,

-Hitachi Unified Compute Platform includes Hitachi UCP Pro for VMware vSphere, UCP Select for Microsoft Private Cloud, and UCP Select for Oracle Database Real Application Cluster; accelerates time to market by deploying new converged infrastructure solutions and integrated computing options in less than one week to support private cloud environments; simplifies management functions and improves utilization to cut TCO by up to 30% over four years; and delivers up to double the performance benefits across mission-critical application environments.

Initially HDS will be shipping 500,000 IOPs, with a software upgrade scheduled for the fall to get up to the 1 million IOPs performance.


Author: Steve Wexler

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