Network Function Virtualization’s Stealthy Cloud Association

The moral of this SDN/NFV story is the customer is always right, and their suppliers just can’t nod yes forever if they hope to keep them as customers. Customers’ business needs to be earned every day. Old-timers might recall when network operators promoted voice soft switches, external control plane (SS7) and the IP operating system (IMS), and with their help, were able to build mobile networks. However network operators were mostly caught by surprise at the amplitude of the Internet’s boom, but were ‘rescued’ by the likes of Cisco and Juniper, but now it is time for the operators to take back control of their destiny. The start-ups and other non-IP/Ethernet systems vendors are willing and able to help them deliver more bits at lower cost. The most likely next move by the incumbents is to expand ODL to include NFV prototyping, or could it be something else?

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