Blowing Up The Business Model: Asigra Recovery-Based Pricing

Asigra, because they can, have come out with a new (optional) pricing model for their MSPs (Asigra is a cloud based backup/recovery solution delivered by MSPs) that blows up the previous model. Essentially, Asigra allows you to backup for pennies – and gives you the opportunity to pay for recoveries. They cap the cost so you never spend more than you plan – but you could spend less! If you recover less than 25% (the maximum charge) of your data, you pay less. The better you become at this, the less money it costs you over time. If you never recover – because you are very good and very lucky, you might save 99% of what you’d end up paying with someone else.

I’m sorry, but that is just brilliant! It’s like saying that if you buy car insurance and don’t make a claim, the insurance company gives you 90% of your premium back. How great would that be?

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