HP LiveVault Update Promises One-Stop Cloud Data Protection

Towards the end of September HP will ship Autonomy LiveVault 7.7, its cloud-based data protection solution with integrated VMware vSphere support that will unify data protection and recovery across both virtual and physical environments. ‘You can now have one solution that can handle on premise, hybrid and cloud, and one product that can handle virtual and physical servers,” said Stephen Aldous, Product Manager, HP Software. “Despite it’s a dot release, it is a pretty major upgrade to the product.”

The new release will provide organizations a fully managed, secure cloud backup solution that automates, streamlines, and reduces the costs and complexity of data protection, he said. It is the only solution on the market to use a common agent technology that allows administrators to manage all of their data protection environments from one interface, helping to reduce costs, simplify backup management processes, and eliminate the need to support multiple products that were needed previously to protect all of these environments.

While Aldous wouldn’t update the number, HP reported more than 10,000 LiveVault customers a year ago. The company said the LiveVault agent encrypts all data before transferring it from the customer’s servers, with all data remaining encrypted at Autonomy’s data centers, as well as on the optional TurboRestore appliance (which resides in the customer data center). The service also mirrors all data to a second data center for full failover and redundancy.

LiveVault, which was acquired by Autonomy from Iron Mountain two years ago, just a couple of months before HP bought Autonomy for a ridiculous premium, performs over 2.3 million backups every day, and has added well over 4 Pbs of stored data in its cloud, said Aldous. “This is a mature technology… [and we have] a lot of expertise running cloud services.”

The technology may be mature, but the market opportunity is still growing, he added. A lot of organizations are doing the transition from physical to virtual servers, and server consolidation.

“We will be in this transition for years. We want to be able to do backup and restore in an easy way.”

The other big trend is storage in the cloud, and the utility model. A company’s expertise is not in running a backup, so why not pay a monthly fee? “A lot of other services are being outsourced to the cloud. Enterprises are starting to get more comfortable with cloud from a security and governance perspective.”

In addition to its substantial SMB base, HP expects enterprises with remote offices to be attracted to the latest LiveVault offering. ‘This really lets us expand into the enterprise with enterprise features.” And somewhere down the road, Aldous suggested that it might make sense to address another growing concern, how do they backup other services in other clouds. But that’s for another day, he said.

 Feeds & Speeds:

A component of HP Autonomy’s Unified Data Protection portfolio, LiveVault 7.7 includes the following capabilities:

-integrates directly with the VMware vStorage API’s for Data Protection (VADP) to provide snapshot backups of VMs without requiring extended backup windows or downtime;

-leverages Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to backup to the cloud;

-uses the same common code base for virtualized environments across both on-premise and cloud environments, simplifying support and enabling faster new feature enhancement delivery;

-offers a local on-premises cache (TurboRestore Appliance) for fast backup and restore; and,

-provides multiple data retention options from 30 days to 7 years, including legal hold support.



Author: Steve Wexler

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