BMC’s AppZone: IT’s Latest Weapon Against Amazon

AWS, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud services in this class are positioned as a replacement for corporate IT and they are often cheaper and easier to use than their IT-supplied alternatives. We go through this about every 10-15 years when service providers (SPs) find they can provide services directly to internal organizations better, faster and cheaper than IT can. This is largely because IT is structured as a cost center, believes it is an internal monopoly (their customers can’t go outside), and has been inflexible with policy and pricing for an extended period.

BMC has been one of the most aggressive firms supplying IT with the weapons they need to fight this trend. From their Cloud Boot Camp offering which was designed to bring IT and lines of business together to define better working relationships for cloud services, to MyIT which was designed as strong competition for Amazon Web Services, often embracing those services but leaving IT’s value intact, the company has structured a set of offerings that are uniquely designed to help secure IT’s position and fight against premature obsolescence.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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