Coraid Throws A Loop Around Storage Analytics, Machine Data

Barely a week after announcing it was democratizing flash with a ‘one-tier-for-all storage architecture’ (EtherDrive SRX6000 Series block storage appliances), storage vendor Coraid is back with two more announcements. It calls EtherCloud Insight the first enterprise storage performance platform that delivers visibility across the entire data path from the server, through multiple network paths, and into the distributed storage infrastructure. The second announcement is a technical partnership with Splunk Inc. to enable large-scale machine data analytics in Coraid enterprise and cloud data centers through Splunk Enterprise.

The storage world, at least as far as data centers are concerned, is changing from small data on big boxes to big data on lots and lots of small boxes, said Coraid CEO Kevin Brown. The company is attacking the heart of the problem: not can you make something go fast, but can you address of these multiple workloads in an efficient manner.

“That represents a much more challenging operational model that many cloud and enterprise data centers are struggling with,” he said. A very high percentage of application problems come from storage and Insight provides an end-to-end view, starting from the server. It can present a full picture of what that data IO looks like, like an x-ray. “We can see all of these statistics (analytics) in real time.”

By providing these capabilities in a single platform that can be accessed graphically or programmatically, EtherCloud Insight, due to ship next quarter, enables data center operators to profile end-to-end performance for system design and to diagnose performance issues for problem resolution, helping to reduce storage over-provisioning, accelerate problem resolution and increase application uptime, said Coraid.

There is a ton of money being wasted on overprovisioning, said Brown. “Once you can see where have you got overhead… versus blindly throwing money and resources at these sorts of problems like storage uptime, downtime, resource utilization, these are parts of the data center that have been tricky.” He said it’s a two-step process: get rid of the complexity; and then have the built-in visibility that over time can be deployed in more sophisticated ways.

EtherCloud Insight strengthens Coraid’s differentiation in Ethernet storage by enabling detailed, real-time visibility into all of the key elements of storage performance, said IDC’s Ashish Nadkarni, research director, storage systems, in a prepared statement. “Advancements of this type can help customers speed the transition from Fibre Channel storage networking to commodity Ethernet, thereby reducing costs and increasing flexibility.”

The alliance combines the data collection, indexing and analytical capabilities of Splunk software and the scale-out storage architecture of Coraid EtherDrive to allow customers to ‘simply and cost-effectively deploy market-leading analytics capabilities’ for their machine data. Coraid said the operational intelligence software combined with a scale-out, flexible storage infrastructure ensures that even complex data center environments can be managed effectively, and ‘further enriches’ Splunk users’ experience.

“Splunk users generate large data volumes, which needs storage that can be scaled up as data grows, or as new Splunk applications are developed,” said Tim Stammers, senior analyst, 451 Research, in another prepared statement. “Coraid’s storage has been designed to meet both of those needs, and at an aggressive price point that also suits Splunk deployments.”




Author: Steve Wexler

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