VCE: The New Digital Factory

Perhaps the strongest evidence for the value of VCE‘s digital factory vision and strategy comes from Vblock customers themselves. In EMC‘s recent Q2 2013 earnings call, the company said VCE revenues had exhibited strong year-over-year growth, a notable point given the disappointing performance of many other systems vendors during the same period. More important was a nugget shared by EMC CEO Joe Tucci, who noted that over half of the Vblocks sold during the quarter went to repeat customers.

That is a major vote of confidence for any company, but one that‘s especially important for a vendor just over three years old. That VCE is making so strong an impact in so short a time is a testimony to the uncommon quality of both its Vblock solutions and its market approach. From these results, it is clear that data center customers are voting for VCE‘s digital factory vision with their minds and wallets. Over time, we expect VCE‘s Vblocks to further cement their position as an innovative leading platform for enterprise computing.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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