How CA Technologies And IBM Differ In Systems Management

In my short visit to this year‘s SHARE conference, I found that CA Technologies and IBM are on two different trajectories when it comes to mainframe management. At the heart of these differences is the user base the companies prefer. Existing managers who have been raised on mainframes find graphically-driven interfaces to be an annoying extra step in problem resolution, and prefer to solve problems using command-line interfaces and cryptic command sequences.

And frankly, I can empathize with them, because over the years they have developed the skills to achieve the results that they desire very quickly. IBM‘s approach to color coding mainframe health monitors helps these managers see problems – and this, in turn leads to faster problem resolution.

CA Technologies, on the other hand, is highly committed to driving a graphically driven approach to mainframe management. The company is taking its products, organizing them by specialty (security, database administration, infrastructure management, storage, etc.) – and automating functions that can be driven using a modern and intuitive graphical user interface. Further, the CA Chorus environment contains a knowledge center that can capture problem resolution sequences which can be stored and used by future generations of systems managers to solve vexing problems.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.


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