EMC’s ViPR—Putting The Bite On Storage Complexity

Ambition is commoner than success in IT, particularly when it comes to visionary product strategizing. But with ViPR, we believe EMC is staking out a spot in the increasingly software-defined world that may be difficult for competitors to match, let alone surpass. The company is bringing considerable experience, skill and investment to the task, all of which are apparent in ViPR’s initial capabilities.

In other words, this isn’t some half-baked plan with minimal functionality or numerous to-be-determined (TBD) features. Instead, ViPR should deliver significant value out of the box and even more over time as additional features come online. We are particularly impressed by the new platform’s ease of use and simplified data access features, the absence of which can create thorny problems for storage owners and administrators.


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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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