Nimble Adds Oracle To CI Reference Architecture Lineup

Having just introduced its fourth converged infrastructure reference architecture (SmartStack) leveraging Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and VMware vSphere at VMworld 2013, flash-optimized hybrid storage vendor Nimble Storage is back on the conference circuit, this time with a SmartStack solution targeted at Oracle database workloads, at this week’s Oracle OpenWorld 2013. Including a Nimble Storage CS-series array, two Cisco UCS B200 M3 blade servers, Oracle VM 3.2, Oracle Linux 6 Update 4 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, and Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Database 12c, the fifth SmartStack is ‘fully tested and validated’ using both Oracle Validated Configuration test kit and Nimble Storage’s test environments, said the company.

“Converged and integrated systems have rapidly moved from evaluation environments to deployments running production applications,” according to a prepared statement from Eric Sheppard, Research Director, Storage, IDC. “We’re seeing a very high level of confidence in these types of systems as large and midsized companies leverage integrated systems to decrease time to deployment, reduce downtime, lower operation costs, and improve resource utilization. Nimble Storage’s expansion of their SmartStack offering helps to ensure they can capitalize on this current market movement by offering a larger portion of their current and future customers such benefits.”

A pre-validated architecture comprised of application, server and storage is beneficial for enterprises that want to eliminate the guesswork with various deployment scenarios, said Oracle’s Monica Kumar, Senior Director, Product Marketing, in another canned comment. The SmartStack architecture allows customers with Oracle workloads running on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM to: grow performance and/or capacity to scale to the needs of OLTP and OLAP applications as they grow; ease deployment; and enable more frequent backups and facilitate quick recovery with Nimble Storage snapshots

By utilizing our intelligent storage architecture, organizations can deploy affordable disaster recovery while meeting the performance and availability needs of storage teams and DBAs, without the complexity of traditional solutions, stated Nimble’s Radhika Krishnan, VP of Product Marketing and Alliances. In addition, our customers experience significant capacity savings with compression for database workloads, he added.

The company has surpassed 1,750 customers in less than three years of shipping product, said Krishnan. Its pre-validated SmartStack reference architectures are intended to eliminate the challenges associated with deploying application, server, hypervisor, networking, and storage components as an integrated solution, it said. By testing and validating the combined solutions, Nimble helps organizations accelerate deployment and minimize risk associated with deploying solutions in the data center, whether it be for server virtualization, VDI, business critical applications or data protection.

Between building, i.e. EMC VNX-F, Violin Memory 6264 flash Memory Array  and Diablo Technologies Memory Channel Storage (MCS), or buying, i.e. Cisco and WhipTail, flash is generating a lot of interest.

While all-flash storage is the poster child for the imminent demise of disk in the data center, Krishnan said the majority of applications can be best addressed with a hybrid solution, and nobody blends flash and disk better than Nimble. “We use flash much more efficiently than others. We can flexibly vary the flash to disk ratio.”

Author: Steve Wexler

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