Metalogix: Don’t Ignore Email In The Collaboration Race

Even as enterprise collaboration is evolving beyond its email roots (anybody else remember IBM PROFS and green screens?) and becoming a multi-billion dollar business, emails continue to be a popular tool. However archiving repositories are reaching capacity limitations, with email content projected to increase to over 950 million accounts, generating over 119 messages a day by 2014, according to Metalogix.

The company, which has more than 7,500 customers who use its products to manage more than 70 billion email items and migrate 55 petabytes of data, said this growth creates a new layer of management complexity and security challenges. To address this email explosion, the provider of content infrastructure software for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, file and cloud platforms has announced what it calls the industry’s first dynamic email management suite to transparently migrate, store, secure and protect email and file content for on premises, hybrid and cloud environments.

Together, the new solutions, Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition 6.0 and Metalogix Email Migrator 1.0, offer impressive benefits, said Matt Brundl-Pandzich, Director, Archiving Business Unit, including: reduces complexity and lowers storage resource requirements by up to 70%; improves productivity by almost 5x and eliminates user downtime; reduces management cost by 40%; enables one-click disaster recovery; and, simplifies and speeds response to e-discovery requests, saving up to 100% over legacy archive systems. It also features zero footprint on the client application or Exchange server.

One of the key capabilities is the email migrator, said Brundl-Pandzich. “We have customers stuck on legacy systems… and they still have to pay maintenance fees even though they’re not getting any support. It saves them tons of money and they don’t even have to go to the archiving solution.” Customers can choose to use Metalogix for archiving, or a third party, or change whenever they want, he added.

Customers sitting on end of life or end of support systems are already coming to the company to ask how it can help them, said Hudson Casson, Product Marketing Director For Exchange. “It’s a salvage operation… with the added value that we also guarantee a no lock-in situation.”

An increasingly mobile and distributed workforce demands improved collaboration, according to a blog from Forrester Research. ‘Traditional telephones and e-mail accounts aren’t enough in today’s fast-paced business environment; new collaboration platforms from document repositories and web conferencing services to video conferencing and enterprise social software help to connect employees and partners to drive innovation by enabling the firm to tap the accumulated wisdom of all their assets.’

However, while the majority of IT decision-makers (87%), business leaders (67%) and end users (68%) report using enterprise social networking technologies, most lack true enterprise collaboration capabilities. Decision-makers reported a measurable desire to move – in the next 12 months – from more consumer-driven technologies (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) to enterprise-ready collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce Chatter.

At the end of August the company announced it was acquiring Axceler’s SharePoint business, including its governance and administration product, ControlPoint for SharePoint Administration. The ControlPoint family of offerings are used by over 3,000 organizations worldwide to manage more than 14 million SharePoint users.

This acquisition will put pressure on other SharePoint ISV partners to enhance their product offering or make similar acquisitions to provide a suite of infrastructure capabilities that enhances or supplements SharePoint functionality, according to Forrester. ‘Creating a controlled, manageable SharePoint environment that follows a governance policy is the key to implementing a successful and sustainable SharePoint solution.’

The acquisition was followed by the mid-September release of Metalogix Content Matrix 6.2. The new release added capabilities for administrators to allow Site and Site Collection owners and Power Users to tag, classify and organize SharePoint content.

Brundl-Pandzich said there are a number of announcements scheduled for the next 3-6 months centered around email migration and management. Upcoming announcements will include solutions for the federal government and military, as well as managing in hybrid cloud environments like Amazon.


Author: Steve Wexler

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